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Payback Event 29.12.2022 - 02.01.2023

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    We decided to add a new event, during the whole weekend.

    In this event the players that spend a certain number of Dragon Coins will be rewarded.


    The event awards:


    - Purchases worth 100 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x1Elemental_Ring.png.8109002dc7d58f6b9fc9166ec76601de.png Elemental Ring (20d)


    - Purchases worth 300 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x1 85581.png.4b681835e67094ad12ba134f2bccccdb.png


    - Purchases worth 500 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x124463.png.1746c8acbcccde88b56355f162de4380.png24464.png.cd7041bee1b4ed21e329508eca3584c6.png


    - Purchases worth 700 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x124461.png.4922635cede5d24f001dc722a82b24a4.png24462.png.dc8e62abf8b69870ce2645d8c6024c7f.png


    - Purchases worth 900 Dragon Coins

     Reward: x124471.png.43857c48ebeafff9c439cad629fa8608.png24474.png.cc2da6c7ebb727bcfb2b1cbab3c250c5.png24472.png.1ef4eff54c2fe133f6da34856ad7f18a.png24473.png.36cd4b82c549a12c29f1b67ee253dee7.png24475.png.e3446deee6f64217bbc14548bc5d2bd7.png24476.png.5c5061ab104bfa73b14c64c2b43ccefc.png24477.png.34408f8be1f7fad3ca862de397223d0a.png


    - Purchases worth 1000 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x1 ch2022_pet1.png.a7364518875f9d06a92bb05ffec52aac.png


    - Purchases worth 1100 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x1ch2022_mount7.png.39efa0f216f6bd48181f7697c69ad546.png


    - Purchases worth 1200 Dragon Coins

    Reward: x1 24478.png.bc81794d0eb4d82a43e08455c8a9e6f8.png

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