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[Patch Notes] 15.10.2022 & 26.10.2022

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    Patch Notes 15.10.2022


    -we have added a new statistics table for the guilds war, press the TAB key (the table is currently available only for participants, it will be modified later to be accessible for spectators too)
    -from now on you can use search-shop function directly on items from Wiki game;
    -we've added a new button on PM and by pressing it, you can see all the items that person has in offline shop;
    -we solved some problems for Wiki game;
    -we solved a visual problem on character select for long names;
    -we solved a visual problem on friends list;
    -we increased the characters limit when adding new friends;



    Patch Notes 26.10.2022


    -we added pumpkin skin to all metin stones;
    -we improved the bonuses of limited edition PvP Amulets;
    -a new filter has been added to the search-shop, allowing you to select the duration of the items you are looking for;
    -a new filter has been added to the search-shop, allowing you to select the fighter level of searched items;
    -a new category has been added to the search-shop, to make it easier to search bonus sets;
    -we added the damage scale function (you can increase or decrease the size of the damage);
    -from now on you can directly preview items from Wiki Game;
    -from now on the Poisonous Cloud skill from Ninja will also have damage in monsters, but reduced to 10% of its power;
    -we solved a problem with Royal Sashes, from now on it will work in automatic combination;
    -we added 1 second cooldown when you want to activate/deactivate the combo mode;
    -from now on the Halloween Potion won't work in the PvP map;
    -from now on in the PvP map you will have 10 seconds cooldown to change items after you attacked someone;
    -removed chance to avoid arrows bonus when using tactical duel mode;


    Best Regards,
    O2 Team


    Server Admin


    unnamed.png.20f306e4254a82c3c9bbf8465b10deaa.pngContact: Vlad M#0590



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