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[Patch Notes] 25.08.2022 & 27.09.2022 & 03.10.2022

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    Patch Notes 25.08.2022


    -we solved a small problem with the storage of belts;
    -we solved a visual problem for effects icons;
    -we solved a problem with effects icons, now they turn red when they are about to expire;
    -we solved a problem for Wiki system regarding items without duration;
    -we deleted all the old dungeon keys from Server 1 that couldn't be used anymore;



    Patch Notes 27.09.2022


    -we removed 2 channels, now there will be 6 available channels;
    -we added the general channel on map1 and map2;
    -we added all the crafting changes from server 2 since they were better adjusted;
    -we added all the item upgrade changes from server 2 since they were better adjusted;
    -we added the dungeons info changes from server 2 (the dungeons cooldown);
    -from now on the ice aura rune will drop only from level 105+
    -we removed the Serpent Queen Nethis leader;
    -we changed the respawn of the following leaders:
    Ancient Desert leaders - changed respawn time from 2 hours to 3 hours
    Land of Volcanoes leaders- changed respawn time from 2 hours to 3 hours
    Beta maps leaders - changed respawn time from 15 minutes to 20 minutes


    P.S: The changes from above related to crafting and items upgrade won't make the server easier, so don't worry about it.



    Patch Notes 03.10.2022


    -Back to School event was removed;
    -from now on, the autopick-up will be deactivated automatically if your character will not move for 5 minutes and will be automatically activated again when you move;
    -the party position will automatically adapt according to the number of active effects;
    -from now on you can hide the Will Talisman effect;
    -teleportation for the Enigma dungeon has been fixed, now you can only enter the map when the dungeon is open;
    -we reduced the number of stones from Lava map in order to avoid respawning in the same place;



    Best Regards,

    O2 Team

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    Server Admin


    unnamed.png.20f306e4254a82c3c9bbf8465b10deaa.pngContact: Vlad M#0590



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