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[Patch Notes] 13.08.2022

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    Patch Notes 13.08.2022


    Wikipedia system


    Searching for the information you need has never been easier, the new Wiki Game system has now most of the information you need in your evolution!

    You can access the system by pressing F8 or pressing on the button from the inventory.

    The new system comes translated in almost all supported languages and will also be updated over time with absolutely any information you need. We recommend that you confidently use the new Wiki Game system to get all the information you want about drops, locations, previews, upgrades, and many more.


    There are probably a few of you who will ask what role will have now team members, obviously they will still have an extremely important role and will still provide all the necessary support, just that for most of the information found in Wiki Game they will guide you to the new system and continue to provide answers for everything that isn't for the moment on the system.



    Aura coloring system


    Change the color of your Aura Outfit as you wish!

    Activate the new Aura Outfit Color Potion and enjoy your new colors.



    65452.png.854c70d1cb6a8cfccbc62ba4ce6dbf97.png Aura Outfit Coloring Potion (14 days) can be crafted at Sung Mahi Tower NPC.

    e65452.png.0cd6bb7d88e73876cc3b59cfb3c27fbf.png Aura Outfit Coloring Potion (Perm) can be purchased from the item-shop.



    A small gift


    With the occasion of launching this new system we prepared for you a 5-day Aura Outfit Coloring Potion gift!
    This item can be claimed from the item-shop.



    Giveaway system


    Following the streamer you love now comes with benefits, we are introducing a new system for our official partners that will allow them to do a giveaway at a time interval.
    Partners have to collect points from their activity and then they can generate a code for the giveaway.
    The prizes you can win are one of the 3 packages available on item-shop so keep following your favorite partner and don't miss the moment when they will be able to organize a giveaway with one of the 3 packages from item-shop!


    The prizes are non-tradable.



    Other Updates

    -we decreased the waiting time for search-shop from 10s to 5s

    -the aspect of the effects icons have been changed


    -the aspect of the inventory equipment has been changed


    -from now on, you will be able to change the price of the items directly on the offline shop;


    -if you die when you are on the horse you will respawn on the horse;


    -from now on, you can put transmutation on the horse book too;


    -fixed a problem with saving the last logged in character;




    Important Statement


    Dear Community,


    We would like to present our plans for the near future, starting immediately after this update.

    At the moment we can't bring new content to the game, as players need to finish the current content before the merge takes place in September, so this is the best time to work on improving performance.

    Immediately after this update we will start working on improving the game source and since we will start with performance improvements, we will not be able to bring new content into the game or new systems. Of course we'll be able to do small things like fixes or small changes, but nothing too big until we finish working on the improvements.

    We expect to finish the work in time before the merge and then start preparing the new big Yohara update which will take place after a settling-in period, so not immediately after the merge.

    With the Yohara update will come a lot of new stuff and we consider it a very big update with a lot of good content so be patient as we will bring more information in the future.


    Best Regards,
    O2 Team




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