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[Patch Notes] 27.07.2022

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    Patch Notes 27.07.2022


    -from now on you can hide the dungeons that you don't want to see anymore on Dungeons List (F6);

    -from now on the Auto Pickup will automatically collect yang too;

    -from now on when you want to throw an object, the item will be dropped with your name on it and only you can collect it;

    -the hairstyle from the next Battle Passes will be updated, from now on it will have the following bonuses: +15% strong against monsters, +10% strong against stones;

    -we added the Pirates Potion on Summer NPC in exchange for 350 Coca Cola Cans;

    -we added a new item at Moonlight chest drop, that will give you the following bonus: +10% strong against monsters for 2 hours (time runs only when the item is equipped);

    -we slightly improved the drop from the Serpent Treasure;

    -from now on you can use fast search-shop function on items from your shop;

    -we increased the drop chance of Jigsaw Pendant;

    -from now on you will not lose anymore items when you are killed while you have negative rank;

    -we added the Enchant Item Chest at General Store;

    -we added the Lucky Medal (increase yang drop chance) on item-shop;

    -we added a new mount skin on the item-shop;

    -we solved a problem with the delete function;

    -we solved a problem with the M1 Leadership skills;

    -we solved a problem with skills selection;

    -we solved a problem with the quick costumes change in order to attack faster;

    -we solved a text issue on dungeons list;



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  • Very nice. I love it  😍


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  • Good job🥰

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  • Thank you for update !


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