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[Patch Notes] 12.07.2022

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    Patch Notes 12.07.2022


     -from now on, the reinforcements will automatically stack when you drop them or when you open chests with reinforcements;

     -we removed the strong against insects bonus from the talisman and added a new bonus: Strong against snakes that will help you in Snake Temple;

     -the wedding ring will teleport you directly, no matter which channel you are on;

     -from now on, if you are in a group dungeon and you try to disband the party you will not be able until you finish the dungeon;


    -fixed a problem with the preview system, from now on you can also preview skins with effects;



     -we added a new aspect for your personal offline shop;

     -we removed the cooldown for requesting info emails from the website (2FA/new password etc.)

     -from now on, if a promoter will not post a video for 2 weeks the rank, costumes, hairstyles and coins will be automatically deleted due to inactivity;

     -the new dragon potions can now be stacked;

     -from now on, your last accessed channel will remain saved in the login interface;

     -from now on, the Auto Pickup will collect the keys from dungeons;

     -we improved the automatic sash combination system;

     -we improved the recommended price system;

     -we solved the auto pickup problem;


    -we solved the fish system problems;



    Future Updates


     -wiki game system

     -feedback system about team members from players;

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