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[Patch Notes] 30.06.2022

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    Patch Notes 30.06.2022


    -we added a new design for the mini-map;
    -we added a new perspective system for your character (FOV);
    -we added yang explosions drop in the following dungeons: Beran Setaou, Razador, Nemere, Jotun, Darkness, Plague, Sung-Mahi;
    -we made the following changes at leaders from Beta map, Leaders map and Leaders scroll:
    For General Kappa we removed the Golden Hook and we added the Noble Epaulette
    For Red Chief we removed the Golden Buckle and we added the Grand Epaulette
    -we improved the drop of Jigsaw event chest and Lightning event chest;
    -we added at Fisherman the possibility to craft Pearls from Piece of Stone;
    -we increased the speed of Hell's Beast mount skin;
    -we've added monsters respawn to the stones on the Enchanted Forest map to help you farm at drop events like moonlight chest, football fever etc.;
    -from now on you need more damage in leaders in order to receive drop;
    -we increased the key drop chance from 2nd floor of Sung Mahi Tower;
    -from now on you can't use leaders scrolls on Akzadur lobby map;


    Best Regards,
    O2 Team


    Server Admin


    unnamed.png.20f306e4254a82c3c9bbf8465b10deaa.pngContact: Vlad M#0590



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