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[Patch Notes] 26, 27 and 28.06.2022

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    Patch Notes 26.06.2022


    -The global search shop system will be added, in the first few hours we need to check how it works and if something doesn't run as planned we will need another maintenance to fix it, but hopefully everything will work smoothly;
    -we solved the quantity sort filter problem;
    -we removed leaders aggression from the Leaders Map (to avoid afk farming);
    -we increased the size of leaders to be more easily recognized and also the size of NPCs;
    -we solved King of Atlantis bonus set problem;


    Future update: Soon we will add back the random items position in search shop.



    Patch Notes 27.06.2022


    -we added the global search shop;
    Now you will have 100 objects on a page and you can scroll down to see all the objects from the page, also we added 3 seconds cooldown when changing pages and 10 seconds cooldown to search for a new item;
    -we added Dragon Steel upgrade items to 3 new Beta map leaders drop:
    Blue Dragon Steel now drop at Gnoll Lord too (Cape Dragon map);
    Red Dragon Steel now drop at Martyaxwar too (Cape Dragon map);
    Purple Dragon Steel now drop at Bone Face too (Cape Dragon map);
    This change is also available in Leaders map and Leaders scroll!



    Patch Notes 28.06.2022


    [FIX] -we fixed a problem from search-shop when you couldn't buy certain items;
    [FIX] -we fixed a visual problem from search-shop when scrolling;
    [FIX] -we fixed the lycan visual attack problem;
    [FIX] -we fixed the spider baroness statue attack problem;
    [FIX] -we fixed some text issues;


    Server Admin


    unnamed.png.20f306e4254a82c3c9bbf8465b10deaa.pngContact: Vlad M#0590



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