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Cool suggestion that you might like

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    Hello Guys


    I have one suggestion that you might find interesting.

    So the thing is to incrase damage of Grude Sword as it is two-heanded weapon.


    This how does the damage looks now 

    Poison Sword+9                                  
    Attack Value 237–277
    Attack Speed 26%


    Grudge Sword+9                        
    Attack Value 226-274
    Attack Speed 26%


    Let me compare it with weapon on lvl 30

    Attack Value 127-143
    Magic Attack Value 132-154
    Attack Speed 15%


    Red Iron Blade+9
    From level: 30
    Attack Value 142-179
    Attack Speed 15%


    This is called 2-heanded weapon for a reason, and the reason is that it can be only wearn by warriors which have the best damage in the game, so why should you take away the damage?


    Nothing but logic, also as we know it is a private server so changing damage in the 2-handed  weapon is not a big deal.


    Let me kno what do you think of it in the comment section down below.


    Have a nice day.





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  • Contra because a lot of people will need to sell poison sword. Cool ideea but not now

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  • i would like to see this too.

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