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The internal rules of game

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  • 1. Names of characters

    • Characters must not be offensive, inappropriate, racist, extremist or vulgar.
    • Do NOT use characters with names that contain "GM", "GA", "SGA" characters that have the name derived from the game name of the masters of this game.
    • This is forbidden regardless of the reason for creating this character. Players who will use such names or claim to be part of the Game Team will be banned without being warned.

    2. General behavior (in-game and forum)

    • The official language used on the game server is English.
    • Please keep in mind that you must keep decent and civilized behavior.
    • If you are insulted, threatened, or receive unwanted messages from another player, please contact a Game Master or post a print screen on the site.
    • The Game Master decision will not be communicated to you and the questions like "What happens to X if you told me something?" will remain unanswered.
    • In the discussions with GM you keep a minimum of decency and respect. Do not start talking with: "bro" / "boo" / "mash". Start a discussion with a simple "hello" / "good" / "good day".
    • Also, ask your questions DIRECTLY without waiting for your greeting, or asking if you can ask a question.
    • Every user who violates the regulation in accordance with the rules in force receives (unless otherwise specified in another section of the regulation) a temporary ban.

    They may be penalized:

    • Using OBSCENE words or using a VULGAR language
    • Using abbreviations "fuck your mother" / "suck my dick" / "idiot" will entail a block chat sanction
    • Injury to the family (mother, father, sister, brother, children ... etc) is subject to block chat
    • The use of words and phrases from which some letters are replaced with other signs (eg "*", "!", "@", etc.) of which, however, the original meaning is understood will be sanctioned with block chat
    • Providing information or questions about the methods of violating the regulation
    • Racial or xenophobic phrases are not permitted and are considered serious abuses and are largely of education, can lead to ban
    • Punish Wars (tops) = Armed Wars, in which one of the guilds participates with one / two character (s) not properly equipped,
    • who does not retaliate (does not attack the opponent in their turn), the only goal being the bringing of adverse guild points.
    • Any GM notified about such a war and requested to witness such a war has the right to penalize both guilds according to the rules.
    • *Complaints about tops must contain a video sample.
    • *Guilds can be sanctioned without a video or print screen if a GM assists in such an ongoing war.

    3. Using bugs

    • If you find a bug, report it to a Game Master. It is forbidden to use it to your advantage and violating this rule will ban the game account.

    4. Scamming

    • All server logins other than those belonging to Origins2, which are not downloadable through the options provided by us are forbidden .
    • Changing login programs is forbidden and punished with permanent ban.
    • Decryption and hacking of the login client or any server-related information is strictly forbidden.

    5. Accounts

    • It is your job to make sure that your account data is safe.
    • Sharing this data with someone else means losing the credibility of complaints made in case of loss of account or items in your possession.
    • The Origins2 Team will NEVER ask you for your login data (login, password).
      • DO NOT give the user and password from your account. Not even to GMs or Admins!
      • DO NOT store passwords in * .doc, * .txt files on your computer. In the event of a keylogger infestation, they will be lost.
      • Do not accept from other people you do not know in person pictures, cheats, codes, etc. There is a risk that they contain viruses, keylogers, trojans, worms, etc.
      • Make a printscreen and post on the forum the picture with those who try to give you cheats, codes, and more.
      • 95% of the cases are simple programs that only send those who give you the program, your password and the user your account.
      • It is NOT the fault of GM or ADMINISTRATOR (SGA, GA) that your ACCOUNT has been "BROKEN" and we can not prevent this, because in 90% of cases you pass the password to third parties.


    • NEW Impersonating a player and trolling or requesting money/items from another players is forbidden and sanctionable with permanent ban.
    • NEW The distribution of links / pictures / video with pornographic content is forbidden.
    • NEW Characters between levels 1-14 who use auto attack on other players with the purpose of annoying/tangling them will be sanctioned with a 24h ban.
    • Trades between servers.
    • Involvement of players by trade or other means
    • Offering cheats, hacks of any kind (players are required to print and post on the board any offer of this kind)
    • Impersonate any member of the staff
    • Client changes
    • Threats to the real life of the players or any member of the staff are sanctioned by the ban.
    • Posting images, clips that are offensive and / or denigrating that interfere with the personal life of the players or any member of the Staff is penalized with ban.
    • Use of hacking will be penalized with ban.
    • Trade in real money items / paysafe / paypal / skrill, etc. is forbidden and is sanctioned with a permanent ban.
    • Unfair accusations and offenses against staff lead to permanent account blocking.
    • PvP at certain events is forbidden, non-observance of this rule leads to ban.
    • Falsifying evidence can lead to BAN in extreme cases.
    • Handling the victim by adding mallware programs or any other malicious program to your computer is forbidden.
    • Advertisement of other servers is strictly forbidden, is punished with permanent BAN.

    7. Chat Moderators

    Rules for players:

    • Chatting with Moderators through personal informations or messages designed to make them react bad so that they can be reported on the forum, are forbidden;
    • Players who already know the server are asked not to bother Chat Moderators with trivialities, only if they need help;
    • Offensive messages to Chat Moderators are also forbidden. These will be sanctioned with block chat;
    • Messages intended to "test" the knowledge of Moderators are also forbidden;
    • Complaints about Chat Moderators will be made by posting the entire content - the partially posted discussions will be ignored.

    *They are not forced to know the server to perfection but only certain features of our server, to keep up with the news and changes to the rules and the gameplay (new implementations like mobs, maps, items etc.) is also forbidden to check if they know all these changes;

    Please avoid the following messages:

    • "The moderator did not answer me soon enough" - This message is useless, please be patient because moderators respond to a lot of messages and according to requests, they will get to your question or problem.
    • "You have no idea about the game, you are in vain in this function" - This type of message meant to create conflicts are sanctioned with block chat.

    If you need help or informations, please avoid to start the conversation like this:

    • Hi
    • Are you online?

    *Questions about game and real issues will have priority and will get a quicker response.

    Rules for chat moderators:

    • Your duty is to show professionalism, you have to be an example to others;
    • You are not allowed to threaten the players;
    • You are not allowed to leave the account afk;
    • You are not allowed to offend players;
    • You are not allowed to assist at transactions with other servers or real money.
    • You have to be patient and keep calm with any player no matter if he does not understand, try to answer as much as possible to help him.
    • You need to keep a civilized language in any situation no matter if the interlocutor does not exhibit a minimal degree of civilization and good sense, these players may be sanctioned.

    *If the moderator does not display a proper language or use trivial or offensive expressions, they can be sanctioned.



    The team reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate actions against anyone violating this Rules, including penalties such as temporary or permanent blocking of the account.

    This Regulation may be updated from time to time so please visit this page regularly.
    Please keep in mind that using the Origins2 platforms you agree to the Community Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.

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