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Found 9 results

  1. Your nickname: Askarow Suggestion: În momentul în care eşti în grupă toţi membri grupei să treacă unul prin altul. What you think will help the server?: Ne ajută foarte mult atât în pvp cât şi pvm. Nu ne mai blocăm unul în altul.
  2. Hello, as you all know Origins grew up a lot this past months due to "COVID-19" and also because theres no other good and stable servers. I decided to make this post on the forum because I have been talking with a lot of players / staff members from Origins and i became at the conclusion that we are sharing the same opinion and the same feeling about the server, ppl are geting bored, unhappy and dissapointed because of the toxiticity in game, last updates/changes and dramas involved with the server specially on epvp recently, which is understandable since Origins is the biggest server and all attention is towards it. I think the players know the best whats wrong and right on the server since its us that plays it on a daily, but at the end of the day our suggestions, ideas to improve the server are just ignored. I think its time for you to start to hear the players and the comunnity and give them the importance that they deserve, if you want to keep a good ammount of players and a good envierment on the server. Origins is clearly not designed for soo much players, and you can clearly see that as a player, also i want to mention that the server for new players at the moment is not really enjoyable. I suggest to make a team/players meeting in order to have a close relationship with the comunnity and to bring ideas/suggestions/balance things for the server. (select a few staff members and some players). Related to the staff members, on Origins me and my firiends experience has not been the greatest since most of the times we get 0 answers or we have to wait a week to get one. Most of them are unprofessional and are there clearly just for the coins or to get info about inside things. Staff are the reflection of the server. Probably ppl will interpret this wrong which is fine and i am already expecting that, my intention is not defame the server or things like that, i just want to express myself, my friends thoughts about the current state of the server. I care about the server, my friends, my guild and its sad seeing my friends (even from other guilds) stopping playing day by day just because you guys dont care at all about us (at least is what it seems like) . We deserve more respect, and we should be more valuable for you. Greetings, jMzz
  3. Nick Name: bekci Many players may not forget or remember to give their biologist item during the in-game event. As a solution to this, it would be much better if we received a 2-second notification to alert us from one corner of the screen when our respective biologist time was completed. Bir çok oyuncu oyun içi etkinlik sırasında biyolog eşyasını vermeyi unutabiliyor veya hatırlamıyor. Buna çözüm olarak, ilgili biyolog süremiz tamamlandığında, ekranın bir köşesinden bizi uyaracak 2 saniyelik bir bildirim alsak çok daha güzel olurdu.
  4. Nick Name: bekci Although my level is 75, the level 80 biologist task notification is constantly blinking in the upper right corner. It is annoying that the relevant biologist's mission is constantly reporting before it reaches the relevant level. Seviyem 75 olmasına rağmen, 80. seviye biyolog görevi bildirimi sağ üst köşede sürekli yanıp sönüyor. İlgili seviyeye ulaşmadan, ilgili biyolog görevinin sürekli bildirim vermesi rahatsız edici.
  5. Nick Name: bekci As it is known, in our game, we can see the inside of many chests or boxes with the combination of Z + left click, but we cannot display the inside of the apprentice chests that we have to see. Although it has content in the wiki, it would be nice to be viewing it in the game. Bilindiği üzere oyunumuzda Z + sol klik kombinasyonuyla bir çok sandığın veya kutunun içini görebiliyoruz fakat asıl görmemiz gereken çırak sandıklarının içini bu kombinasyon ile görüntüleyemiyoruz. Her ne kadar wiki'de içeriği mevcut olsada, oyun içerisinde bunu görüntülüyor olmak çok güzel olurdu.
  6. Nick Name: bekci At the same time, when we open both our private warehouse, which is our additional inventory, and our biologist window, these two windows overlap or intertwine. Although it seems simple, this event starts to annoy when it repeats constantly. We have to shift it to the edges all the time. Request to reset the position of one of the relevant windows. Aynı anda hem ek envanterimiz olan özel depoyu, hemde biyolog penceremizi açtığımız zaman, bu iki pencere üst üste veya iç içe girmekte. Basit gibi görünsede bu olay sürekli tekrarlanınca can sıkmaya başlıyor. Sürekli kenarlara kaydırmak zorunda kalıyoruz. İlgili pencerelerden birisinin konumunun yeniden ayarlanması talebi.
  7. Nick Name: bekci In addition to the camera settings in the system options section, it would be much better if the 'Very far' option came and we players could play our game at wider angles. Sistem seçenekleri kısmında bulunan kamera ayarlarına ek olarak 'Çok uzak' seçeneği gelse ve biz oyuncular daha geniş açılarda oyunumuzu oynayabilsek çok daha güzel olurdu.
  8. Your nickname: bekci Suggestion: Our items can sometimes stay in the market for a very long time, and when it is sold, we players have difficulty understanding what is being sold, sometimes we never remember. To the side of the offline market tab, it would be nice to have a panel under the name of 'Trade History' where we can review the history records of the items drawn from our market. Pazarda eşyalarımız bazen çok uzun süre kalabiliyor ve sonrasında satıldığında biz oyuncular neyin satıldığını anlamakta güçlük çekiyoruz, bazen hiç hatırlamıyoruz. Çevrimdışı pazar sekmesinin bir kenarına 'Ticaret Geçmişi' adı altında, pazarımızdan çekilen itemlerin geçmiş kayıtlarını inceleyebileceğimiz bir panel çok güzel olurdu.
  9. If you have any suggestions for this server, please make a new topic following the model below: Your nickname: Suggestion: What you think will help the server?: These suggestions help us improve the server and we are grateful for your help.
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