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  1. Your nickname: PiesNaYangi Suggestion: I suggest increasing the levels of monsters on map 105, they currently have 100.102. and 108lvl. Currently, there are daily events where items from different monsters fly out with a difference / - 15lvl So at 116-120lvl the drop is practically negligible and it doesn't pay to go to 116-120 I suggest raising the level of creatures from 100 and 102lvl to a minimum of 105 What you think will help the server?: People who have 116-120lvl will be able to use the event as others, and not like this season drop is negligible What do you think about this? Sorry For My English
  2. And would it be possible to transfer 1 dew to my 2 account, but i thing he is tradable and I didn't notice that it can't be traded and I don't need it on this account?
  3. I think perma dew should be a trade, it takes some time to get them everyone has a minimum of 2 characters drop and main. Because you can't really buy anything from it or transfer it to your drop or sell it, it's gone Sry for my Eng
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