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  1. Hi, contact Zerant at discord. Zerant #7000
  2. La multi ani, Vlad !
  3. Numele caracterului: Adelina Link imagine:
  4. Hi, it's not for the '' macro '' it's for the hack
  5. Hi, you need to contact one of the GA, they are the only ones who can help you https://discord.gg/gzkDMpW
  6. it is maintenance, it enters the discord and you can see when it is on sv. https://discord.gg/gzkDMpW
  7. Buna, poti da mesaj unu [GA] pe Discord https://discord.gg/gzkDMpW
  8. https://discordapp.com/invite/gzkDMpW te invit pe Discord Majoritatea anunturilor acolo se fac.
  9. Vot Origins2 Global
  10. Nume: keNeSe Nivel: 120 Rasa :Ninja
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