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  1. In mapa de 100 dropezi yang lejer. Contra.
  2. They are tryin to get the keys too. Isnt this a pvp game? is easy to craft it, 500kk. Or you can take some bosses again i cant see the problem. you can get em from fishing too, and are not completly useless, i mean you still have some metin stones mobs and hh Definetly not. For what the hell is beta map? And this is actually a good one. i cant say anything about the others.
  3. Cosmin


    Your nickname: CosminG10 Suggestion: 1. i would like to see that the pets can be added on the Quick Acces field (the one where you put skills) because at least for me i usually forget to summon the pvm one and is hard to find it in inventory 2. We should be able to craft something with energy fragments because we get em so fast...idk maybe a Energy cristal with 1 hour in exchange for 5k fragments, or somethig like that 3. You already made skill books worth to sell on yang so maybe you can do the same for Dragons Hearth and Claw because you know...those are useless after you made P and you need a total of 40 books for each...and it drops on every stone 4. i saw this one https://wiki.origins2.global/index.php/Catch_The_King . I m a huge fan of this game, but in my opinion at least in the gold box the prizes are not worth. with a lvl 100 account you can make those prizes without to much stress, maybe you can add a new scarf and 1 MD voucher like in Jigsaw so the event will create more hype 5. Because the resistence books drops only at Wuba maybe you should create a "Resistence chest" and put it as a prize in the boxes in events idk. This is not the best suggestion but is worth to try because not everyone got pvp gear to fight with those Animals for bosses xD Si mai am una dar pe asta o zic in romana, apreciez ce face staff-ul si unii dintre ei sunt super, dar macar incercati sa raspundeti la PM-uri si daca ziceti ca verificati pe cineva sa o faceti...Daca stati mereu on si afk nu o sa faceti niciodata altcv decat sa atrageti injurii si mai stiu eu ce. Chiar respect echipa dar mie unul mi se pare ciudat sa stau 30 min cu hackerul pe ch asteptand sa se intample ceva si dupa sa plece ca pana la urma tot eu am stricat 40k grad pe el. sa fim seriosi pana la capat. What you think will help the server?: Maybe free some space in inventories and help me to dont forget to summon the pet idk. The server is going very well, i hope it will resist as much as possible.
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