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  1. Sonia


    Nu faci update, nu e piata, nu e bine. Faci update, tot nu e bine. Schimbarile raman. #closed
  2. Run-urile momentan raman aceleasi, se vor adauga altele pe viitor cand va fi nevoie. Niciodata nu se va implementa un dungeon in care sa iti pice armuri +9 pentru a devaloriza piata, alte runuri existente sau playerii care nu au o breasla mare. Ai nevoie de un upgrade, faci run-urile puse la dispozitie. #closed
  3. Sonia


    There already are perma costumes, weapon skins and hairstyles. Not everything was decided to be permanent. Best regards, [GA]Sonia
  4. Inactive topic for over a week. #closed
  5. Hello, leave a private message on discord to [SA]Zerant, if you are not on our server here is the invitation link https://discordapp.com/invite/KD3hkv7 EDIT: try first to change your password from the site
  6. Answer received. #closed
  7. Sonia

    Sell Poison Sword

    Inactive topic for over a week. #closed
  8. Inactive topic for over a week. #closed
  9. Problema a fost rezolvata. Toate cele bune, [GA]Sonia
  10. Sonia

    Ban aiurea

    Hello, there are the proofs of your attempts to sell ingame items/accounts for real money https://imgur.com/a/xj8588A http://prntscr.com/oorvol Your account remains banned. Best regards, [GA]Sonia
  11. The characters were banned because of farmbotting. The ban remains. Best regards, [GA]Sonia
  12. La ora aceea login-ul a fost ingreunat din cauza unor interventii externe. Ne cerem scuze pentru neplacerile create, dar aceasta problema nu a depins de noi. Toate cele bune, [GA]Sonia
  13. Multumesc, voi lua legatura cu [SA]Vyp3r dimineata si voi reveni cu un raspuns.
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