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    • Nume: NiceToMeetYa                                                                            Rasa : Sura
    • @Change of Rules no.2/2023  - There are changes to the time allowed for a player to appeal a ban. A player has 60 days to appeal a ban, after the period ends, the team will no longer offer support to the case. The proofs can still be requested via tickets-zone even after the end of period.
    • The race vs. race Advanced PvP event will take place on 11.06.2023 at 17:00 (Server Time)   This type of PvP event represent a fight between players of the same race in order to win the grand prize.   Event Rules:   The new PvP event will be advanced duel, so the following bonuses will not apply: critical hit, piercing hit, chance of poisoning, chance to block a close combat attack. *NEW* Participants will not be able to use any extra potions from events organized on the server. CAREFUL! At this event the Aura Outfit and Nordic Glove will not be able to be equipped!   - Minimum level 120. - It is not allowed to change weapons during the duel. - The registrations are made in this topic using the "Reply" button. - Duels and the opponents are automatically selected through the website: https://challonge.com. - At 17:00, registrations are closed and anyone who is not online is disqualified.     Participation model:   Name: Race:     Event Rewards   [PvP] chest   this chest contains the following objects:   200 DC     PvP costume Duration: 30 days     PvP potion Once the potion is used, the character rank will be changed to [PvP] and the following bonuses will also be applied for 30 days:   5% sword defence, 5% two-handed defence, 5% daggers defence, 5% arrow defence, 5% bell defence, 5% fan defence.     We are waiting for you, Origins2 Global Team.
    • Presentation: Wheel of Destiny is a special event, in which luck is above anything. Take your chance and get rich!   Info: In order to play at this event you need Dragon Coins or O2 coins. To advance to the next level you need to collect the required number of keys   Level 1 Info : 2 DCs or 1 O2 coin per spin.   Rare prizes: (x2)(10DC)10d (x1)(x1)(x1)(100) x1   Prizes: (x2)(x10)(25) x1(x50)(x1)(x3)(x50)(x2)(x200) (x3)(x15)(x15) (x15)(x15)(x100)(x5)(x5)(x1000)(x25)(x25)(x1)(x5)(x5)(x5)   Level 2 Info : 4 DCs or 2 O2 coins per spin and 20 minutes available time in order to advance to the next level.   Rare prizes: (x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x3)(x2)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x2) 20d (x1)(25DC)(x1)(x1)(x1)(250) x1   Prizes: (x2)(x20)(100) x1(x100)(x1)(x1)(x3)(x100)(x1)(x1) (x100) (x10)(x2)(x25)(x25)(x25)(x25)(x200)(x2500)(x50)(x5)   Level 3 Info : 6 DCs or 3 O2 coins per spin and 10 minutes available to play. Bonus 5 minutes with an active Origins Subscription   Rare prizes:   [Bonus set Red Slayer]     (x1)(x5)(x5)(x1)(x5)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(50DC) (x1 PERMA)30d (x1)30d (x1)(x1) (x1) (x1)(800) x1 (400) x1 (x1) (x1) (x1) (x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)30d(x1)30d(x1)(x1)(x1 PERMA) (x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA) (x1)(x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA) (x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA)   Prizes: (x1)(x100)(x2)(x50)(x1)(x1)(x2)(250) x1(x1)(x30) (x3)(x1)(x150)(x1) (x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x3)(x1)(x6)(x200)(x1)(x1)(x200)(x1)(x1)(x1)   We wish you to have a good time and good luck!
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