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  1. thanks!! I agree, I'm having some struggle with fonts and resolutions ? I need to work on that and migrate from program
  2. Hi, I'm Fleur. I do forum signatures, avatars, banners, events posters, pixel art, logotips, and some more. Here are some of my creations:
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Inês, and in-game is Fleur, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Portugal. ?? I usually play League of Legends and I'm very addicted to Metin2 since very young. After a long time not playing, me and a couple of oldschool friends decided to reunite and play once again a new server, and that's how I found Origins2. I can't say if I like it yet. Apart from that, I use to play shaman all the time and I intent to be top1 of my race, even knowing that in the most servers it's what sucks the most ? but that's the type of challenge that I like. By the way I'm always receptive to tips because I believe that I'll never know everything. I'm also a designer/webdesigner (later I'll show my portfolio to u guys), so let me know if you need something pretty for your forum signature or some logotip, and maybe we can negotiate ? And that's everything for today. Thank you!!!
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