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  1. I hope that the Administration will do something in this direction so that new players can also earn something. Not everyone can get a high lvl with good equipment. The more that the server has been standing for quite a long time. Thanks for the answer.
  2. Hi. At the very beginning I would like to say that I come from Poland and I don't know English well, so I write using a translator. I hope you understand everything :D I am writing because since the Ramadan event has ended on the server I have a problem with making money. I sell things like: Prices of some items during the event - 120-150kk x3 - 150-200kk Prices of these items now: - 60-70kk x3 - 90-100kk Although the prices of these items have fallen so quickly, this is another problem. Most search engines go down only in the first hour. Later, the items I display go down to the next pages, and most only view the last ones. I can't earn now. Can anyone explain to me where people get cosmic sums of money from? What should I earn and how to deal with this situation? Thanks in advance for all the answers. EDIT: I will add that I sell at lower prices, but I have full stores.
  3. When you repair metins of illumination which resp in wall on map - Doyyumhwaji?
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