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  1. You dont get muted when you say "KEBAB" becouse GM's are saying its just food name but they treat the "Gipsy" like I said something wrong. These words should be equal and both of these words should be forbidden.
  2. Pvp is allowed I can kill whoever I want this doesn't give you permisson to say "KEBAB" to me.
  3. I searched the forum but didn't find anything about this topic. (If there is already have topic like this im sorry) In game all other nationality are messing with Turks like saying "KEBAB". This is really makes us angry. And this is racist. Nobody calls a British guy kebab so its racist. When I say gypsy to roman player I got instant chat ban. Becouse its racist they say. I never use swears in game but they are messing with us. They are pm'ing us and just writing "KEBAB" for no reason. If "GYPSY" is racist then "KEBAB" is racist too. BTW gypsy is not an insult its just some people's race.
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