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  1. Your nickname: MickeyZ Suggestion: Making a usage for key fragments II like ( x150 Key fragments II = x1 Twisted key ) or ( x200 Key fragments II = x1 Shrunken Head ) to give people a new way to do Azrael and Beran Setou without having to do Demon Tower or try to kill General Yo. What you think will help the server?: A new way to make players farm level 90 Metin more so that they can do boss runs easily
  2. Finally you started listening to us truly hope that this become the start of the rise of the server
  3. Name: Michael Age: 20 Location: Egypt Contact Address : only Discord the rest is private ( MickeyMichael#8207 ) What is your favorite game?: League Of Legends , Metin2 You like this server?: Yes , and of course I will like it way more Describe yourself: Engineer , Saxophonist , Drummer , Cancer Survivor , Traveler , (learning to become a Guitar player) How did you find out about us?: Well after my Ex-Server ( Aeldra ) closed I checked ( https://www.metin2pserver.info/index_en.html ) and the first server that I found was this server so I started playing and now I'm addicted
  4. Your nickname: MickeyZ Suggestion: Mount and Pet costumes which can be bought for real money or from events so instead of riding a Wild Battle Boar you can ride like a white lion with the bonuses of the Battle Boar What you think will help the server?: just makes pets and mounts look better + another way to make the server gets more money
  5. Your nickname: MickeyZ Suggestion: Making a Costume for sashes Like Wings as an example which you can only make it PvP or PvM , for PvP it would have (+1000 Hp , 10% Attack Speed , 10% Casting Speed H.H ) , and for PvM it would have ( 10% Strength against ( Devils , Undead , Animals , Orcs ) ) , off course you can whether show the wings or hide them to show just the sash or show them both and upgrading the wings would be consisted in 3 stages ( normal (which has 1 bonus ) , fine ( which has 2 bonuses ) , Noble ( which has 3 bonuses ) ) , and upgrading it would be like the shoulder sash system What you think will help the server?: Give players another way to look better + a slightly increase in DMG whether in PVP or PvM that's why the bonuses are not that high so it won't spoil the game system
  6. charname: MickeyZ contact(Discord/Skype): MickeyMichael#8207 language: Arabic level of english: Pretty good Can help with translation from English to Arabic
  7. Mickey


    Your nickname: MickeyZ Suggestion: Making a new language for the server which is Arabic language and with that you will attract tons of Arab players , there's more than +200 Arabic private metin2 servers and most of them sucks but to be honest , so an Arabic version of Origins 2 will be amazing + I can become a staff member if you want to help and guide new Arabic players in this server , I used to play in Metin2Aeldra I remember when they made an arabic version of it that made alot of players come to the server and on this server there's 11 DIFFERENT Languages for all the major countries that has a lot of players so making a new Arabic version would be good as well What you think will help the server?: Doubling the number of players in the server
  8. Mickey

    Farming Map

    Your nickname: MickeyZ Suggestion: Making new Dungeons OR Farming maps for new players BECAUSE right now high level players have like atleast 2 or 3 characters to farm with in the same time which leaves no space for low players or new players to farm and most of the time they kill the weaker ones so that they can farm as much as they want so atleast a new farming map like the Leader's Map for low level metins would be great to protect new players from getting killing and though farm peacefully and way more What you think will help the server?: It would give new players a chance to farm peacefully so that they can play this game more
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