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    • Speed Server Previews   #O2-SPEED #07.04 #START #LEVEL-90 #P-SKILLS #G1-PASSIVE   1.mp4   #O2-SPEED #07.04 #NEW-EQUIPMENT #HUGE-BOOST   2=forum.mp4     #O2-SPEED #07.04 #NEW-BEGINNERS-EVENT #LEVEL90-BIOLOGIST #14DAY-BONUS   3.mp4          Patch Notes [#1]   -the start level will be 90; -you will receive P skills and G1 passive skills; -new start equipment (you will not be able to evolve them and will expire at the end of the speed server); -the Beginners Event has been updated (will be shown in a future preview) -free bonus set junior from the beginning for 7 days; -increased the entry level for Monkeys Dungeon at 90-105; -increased the entry level for Orc Maze at 90-105; -increased the entry level for Spider Baroness at 90-105; -increased the entry level for Forest Spirit Dungeon at 90-105; -important item upgrades will have 100% drop from dungeons; -increased the drop chance for Aura Ice Rune (3) from monsters; -lowered the requirements of Fighter Level mission (from 100 hours to 24 hours) -increased the Rank points: you will get for 1 minute - 3 points; for 50 monsters - 3 points; for 1 fish = 10 points; -changed the duration of the Referral Bonus from 5 days to 14 days; -added level 90 stones in Fireland too; -added new 'Rewards of Fighters' global missions (will be shown in a future preview) -increased the Topaz Will from Snake Temple (from 1-3 to 3-5) and also you will receive 5 chests; -removed all the monsters that were spawned from level 90 stones; -removed the Key Fragments I from drops; -changed the Key Fragments I with Key Fragments II on all crafts; -increased the drop chance of Clams from level 90 stones (100% drop) -increased the Yang reward from level 90 and 100 missions;
    • Patch Notes 28.03.2023 -changed the special objects dropped at leaders from Volcanoes Land with a chest containing all 3 items, this way all leaders will have a chance to drop the needed item; -added a new way to inform players when an event has started, from now on you will receive a private message informing you which event has started; -removed the random number of Energy Fragments dropped from Hydra (1400 ~ 2100) and now you will receive 1500 from each dungeon; -changed the start time of the daily events and updated the calendar of events with the new start time; -removed all the announcements regarding events from the chat; -added some background changes to improve the search-shop performances;   Best Regards, O2 Team
    • Patch Notes 20.03.2023 -changed the Captcha verification system, from now on it won't trigger while attacking leaders or in a dungeon; -slightly decreased the drop chance of Flaming Leaf; -increased the hitbox for Ash Dragon leader; -removed some old costumes from WIKI that are not in the game; -added a fix for the offline shop to improve performances; -fixed the size of the login information window;   Best Regards, O2 Team
    • Patch Notes 19.03.2023   -fixed the new bonus strong against dungeons to be applied to Meley as well; -fixed the wrong info from teleport ring; -fixed the visual issue for some bonus sets where bonuses were displayed doubled; -removed the Cor Draconis from captcha check;   We have seen your feedback about the Captcha system and are working on improving it, thank you for your feedback!   Best Regards, O2 Team
    • Patch Notes 18.03.2023 -we introduce the Captcha verification system, a system designed against hackers to block bots that farm overnight 🤖 INFO: Once every 30 minutes a special window will appear and you will have to click on the required item in that window, if you fail 3 times you will be kicked out of the game. Until you click on the required item you will have the drop disabled and also stun, if you click on the correct item the stun will be removed and also the drop will be enabled. The window will only appear when you farm, it will not appear when you are AFK, it will not appear when you do PvP or level up with the premium auto-hunting system.   -we have added a new bonus for the bonus sets as this has been requested for a very long time: Bonus 1: Item Drop chance (20.0) Bonus 2: Strong against Leaders +10% Bonus 3: Strong against Metin Stones +10% Bonus 4: Strong against Monsters +5% 🆕Bonus 5: Strong against Dungeons +10% 🆕Bonus 6: Strong against Dungeons +10% The new bonus Strong against dungeons can be made with 6/7 and 7/7 items from the same bonus set. Strong against Dungeons: Greater damage when fighting against stones, monsters, leaders from dungeons. (doesn't apply in Alastor dungeon) also in dungeons where you can't use the mount you will not be able to have the full bonus   -slightly increased the drop chance of Flame King Blood; -fixed the problem where the leaders respawn was displayed wrong on the map; -fixed a countdown visual problem for some items from the inventory; -closed all the offline shops because of the bonus set change;   Best Regards, O2 Team
    • Dear community,   We introduce two new special events that will take place for the first time in this weekend. We hope you will appreciate these new events and based on your feedback we will take the decision on how often we should make these new special events.     Reduced Dungeons Cooldown     Reduced Dungeons Cooldown is a special event that will take place on certain occasions and for a certain duration. During the event, all your dungeons cooldown will be reduced by a specific percentage that is set. For example: -50% dungeons cooldown for 3 hours The Meley dungeon has 6 hours cooldown normally and during the event time it will be reduced at 3 hours.   How it's working? The cooldown reduction is applied only for dungeons that are started from the moment when the event has been activated, if you start a dungeon before the beginning of the event you will still have the normal cooldown, not reduced. Attention! You must teleport to see the new cooldown shown on the Dungeons List.     Power of Bonuses     The Power of Bonuses is a special event that will take place on certain occasions and for a certain duration. The team will prepare some special bonuses during the event, and from the moment of activation all players will benefit from the special bonuses for the duration of the event. For example: +5% strong against monsters for 3 hours Attention! You must teleport to benefit from the special bonus.
    • Presentation: Wheel of Destiny is a special event, in which luck is above anything. Take your chance and get rich!   Info: In order to play at this event you need Dragon Coins or O2 coins. To advance to the next level you need to collect the required number of keys   Level 1 Info : 2 DCs or 1 O2 coin per spin.   Rare prizes: (x2)(10DC)10d (x1)(x1)(x1)(100) x1   Prizes: (x2)(x10)(25) x1(x50)(x1)(x3)(x50)(x2)(x200) (x3)(x15)(x15) (x15)(x15)(x100)(x5)(x5)(x1000)(x25)(x25)(x1)(x5)(x5)(x5)   Level 2 Info : 4 DCs or 2 O2 coins per spin and 20 minutes available time in order to advance to the next level.   Rare prizes: (x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x3)(x2)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x2) 20d (x1)(25DC)(x1)(x1)(x1)(250) x1   Prizes: (x2)(x20)(100) x1(x100)(x1)(x1)(x3)(x100)(x1)(x1) (x100) (x10)(x2)(x25)(x25)(x25)(x25)(x200)(x2500)(x50)(x5)   Level 3 Info : 6 DCs or 3 O2 coins per spin and 10 minutes available to play.   Rare prizes:   [Bonus set Dark Bird]     (x1)(x5)(x5)(x1)(x5)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(50DC) (x1 PERMA)30d (x1)30d (x1)(x1) (x1) (x1)(800) x1 (400) x1 (x1) (x1) (x1) (x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x1) (x1)30d(x1)30d(x1)(x1)(x1 PERMA) (x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA) (x1)(x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA) (x1 PERMA)(x1 PERMA)   Prizes: (x1)(x100)(x2)(x50)(x1)(x1)(x2)(250) x1(x1)(x30) (x3)(x1)(x150)(x1) (x1)(x1)(x1)(x1)(x3)(x1)(x6)(x200)(x1)(x1)(x200)(x1)(x1)(x1)   We wish you to have a good time and good luck!  
    • Patch Notes 14.03.2023   -slightly increased the drop chance of Flame King Blood; -slightly increased the drop chance of Silver Sword Fragment; -slightly decreased the drop chance of Frost Root; -slightly decreased the drop chance of Thunder Herb; -changed the Lava map leaders attack, from now on they will inflict damage all around them, not just in front; -removed the Purple Potion, Green Potion and Wind shoes received when you create a new character, the affects and bonuses will be already active on the character from the moment you login; -added some changes on the client side to display the speed server; -removed some costumes with problems from Wiki;   Best Regards, O2 Team
    • Patch Notes 09.03.2023   -added the new system Skill Tree; -changed the Rapid Switch (30 days) with Rapid Switch (3 days) at all drops; -changed the Zen Fruit (1000 points) with Zen Fruit (500 points) at all drops; -lowered the damage of monsters from Quag 1 Outpost; -closed all the offline shops so that players could adjust prices according to the new demand; -solved the monocle of time problem, from now on you can buy it from the item-shop; -solved the visual problem of affects; -added the duration of the new pet Frost Rufus in his name; -lowered the energy fragments needed to craft Enigma Ticket from 9999 to 5000; -added a new affect in the affects list for when you have the Skill Tree system active; -added description for Heroes Potion that it can't be equiped in the same time with Nordic Potion; -increased the HP of stones from Nam Gwang and Seo Gwang from 10kk to 11kk; -increased the HP of stones from Yilad from 10kk to 12kk; -increased the HP of stones from Canyon from 10kk to 13,5kk; -removed the Yohara bonus from Alastor dungeon, from now on this bonus will no longer influence the damage dealt in Alastor; -decreased the Yohara bonus from the last fighter biologist from 10 to 5%; -changed the last bonus from the skill tree as follows: increased strong ag. Alastor from 5% to 10% and removed the bonus strong against Yohara +5% -deleted the damage and time record from Alastor;   Best Regards, O2 Team
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