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  1. Your nickname: xEdge Suggestion: Make these https://prnt.sc/wwip71 have a permanent item that costs a lot of Refinement Crystals, because heaven tear's necklace and golden necklace require these but they get removed after a few hours, but the ruby or other accessories have permanent options. What you think will help the server?: It will make it easier for players to have their items always equipped and not worry about forgetting to buy these or put them on. Plus, it will make people farm metins at enchanted forest more for more refinement crystals and help the market of these clear a bit as it has about 35 pages at the moment of writing this.
  2. Now that female ninja F is same speed as ninja male M I disagree with this as I believe now damage will be ok.
  3. Give us a PvP arena for duels with safezone all around like 2 boxes for pvp for us to use whenever we want, make it simple to not be laggy like V3 kind of. Add it to teleport ring so we can go there easily.
  4. It makes 0 sense why "Brave, Fighter, Heroic" was chosen for PVM bonus lmao. If anything add one for PvP players aswell, we exist too you know. Not all of us are PVM
  5. Agreed +1, this makes 0 sense, how can having full ninja protection still give you so much dmg per hit.. imagine if they have full mythic AND aura... it's simply too much damage..
  6. Charname: Grip Discord: 9AM#3356 Language: Greek Level of English: Proficiency Can help with English to Greek text translation.
  7. Hey, this is a small guide on how to get your damage from 1k to 50k easily. Firstly, get all of your items enchanted (and starter costumes, put metins and monsters on them) and have STR on them and on your weapon Avg dmg over 45. (if you are 60lvl and up then 50+). then you want to get yourself a mount such as "Wild Battle Boar" which costs like 20m per 4 days. When you farm bosses make sure to open the pets and get one early in the game to level it up to 120 while you level up. Make sure it has 0.6 on both Monsters and Attack, and it starts with preferrably 2.0+ on each). Secondly, you want to do the easter stuff to get a Pink Peacock or buy it, or any pet that has similar stats. Then, buy a Ring of Joy and a Ring of Deadly Power (50m both approx.). After that, get yourself a Ring of Ice if you want dmg against metins or a Ring of Fire if you want dmg against leaders. Make sure to also get a good talisman and make it +15, doesnt really matter which kind just have it a high level. Then get yourself a Souls Belt from Seon and make it +9, add Red Flame stone to it for extra monsters dmg. Now, after all those get a nice Sash (17-25%) and put a good weapon with 50+ avg and preferrably STR inside the sash. Also, make sure to buy Legendary Dragon Onyx with Monsters on it and if possible and you can afford it Metins and Leaders depending which ones you farm more. Also get a Legendary Dragon Ruby with 15 STR and 10% Avg dmg. At this point you should be getting close to making perm Blue Dew and Energy crystal from alchemist for total 12k enchanted plant+ (around 11.5b yang). Now, you just need to either buy Soul Crystal accessories (preferrably necklace, bracelet and earrings in that order) and make sure they are +8 not +9 cause they have 10b difference in price. All of the above should easily get you to 50k dmg as a beginner. If anyone wants to fix it up to make it more readable send me a DM.
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