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〝 Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm 〞

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. Zombie

    Summer event 2019

    Te astept pe skype @Dipper * kazimir- sa-ti arat magie ?
  2. Zombie

    Summer event 2019

    Taci varule ca ai o mana mai lunga si una mai scurta din cauza ca ai tastatura pe scandura aia si se duce la vale cand mananca vaca din cartonul ala de-i zici geam. Sa nu vorbim de glume si cariere ca esti sub mine cu 10 nivele si 2m de pamant. Te pup fanule
  3. Zombie

    Summer event 2019

    Când vă văd că plângeți de event dar aveți unghiile rupte de la atât farmat îmi vine să râd. Cum zicea cineva, râd grav acum
  4. Your nickname: Zombie Suggestion: Add to drop/craft a mount/pet/ring for low levels. When starting items dissaper you are forced to donate or create a new caracter becouse your damage will be low. Or to make starting items permanents (and for players ho them expire to add in itemshop another mount/pet/ring no negociable etcetcetc) What you think will help the server?: Will help all players ?
  5. Zombie

    sd2 mobi

    Contra, deja se spawneaza rapid.
  6. Pro cu xp-u la metine.
  7. * Finding boss tickets are very difficult . Exp : It should be craftable but it also should be difficult to craft . Pro for that.
  8. Zombie


    Dispersal was modified to be catched only -/+ 20lvls,
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