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〝 Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm 〞

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1.   Best regards, Origins2 Team.
  2.   Best regards, Origins2 Team.
  3.   Best regards, Origins2 Team.
  4. Dear community, Thank you all for participating on this contest! The winners are: 1st place: @india11 you won 100 euros (real money) ~ the reason we decided for you to win is because you put a lot of effort and involvement into this contest, and the picture you competed with, shows this! 2nd place: @RogerBob you won 500 coins ~ you won 2nd place because you worked to do such a nice thing, we know here is a lot of effort too and involvement! 3rd place: @Robert you won 300 coins ~ even if what you competed with is not made by you, we appreciate your involvement and that's why we decided that you to win the 3rd place. Congratulations!! Best Regards, O2 Team
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