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  1. Patch Notes 22.06.2022 -we changed the Origins Stones event and Golden Frogs event with new events on Wednesday and Sunday: Okey card event and Jigsaw event; -we added the metin stones scale system; -we added a new feature, from now you can see at any dungeon from F6 the minimum damage needed to kill the final leader; -we decreased the waiting time needed to use restart city from ~~7s~~ to 4s and restart here from ~~10s~~ to 7s; -we solved a problem with rings from wheel of destiny, now you can use them to craft Elemental Ring; -we added an option to turn off the stones effects; -from now on, the test dungeon function will be displayed separately from normal dungeon entry; -from now on, the quests will be in order at all NPCs: Dungeon entry, re-enter in dungeon, test dungeon and crafting; -from now on you will be able to have Max. HP on armors if you change bonuses after you evolve them; -we have added more items on the portable shop from O key; -we increased the hitbox from stones and leaders; -In the following days we will add back the global search-shop and the random position for items in search-shop; Info about new events from wednesday and sunday: https://wiki2.origins2.global/index.php?title=Okey_Card https://wiki2.origins2.global/index.php?title=Jigsaw Best Regards, O2 Team
  2. Cancelled event.
  3. salut, vlad, mie mu-mi mai merge jocul dupa ultimul update, imi spune ca imi lipseste d3dx9_43.dll, am descarcat jocul din nou si am accesat patcherul, tot eroarea cu lipsa dll imi apare, ce pot sa fac?

    1. Vlad


      iti lipseste programul DirectX din calculator


      descarci, restart pc si poti intra

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