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  1. Name: Kleenex Level: 120 Race: Ninja
  2. Kleenex here again with some lovely balance changes archer really could use. 1. I know i heard something about it might getting changed 2. It should get changed the cooldown is way too high 60 sec 3. Maybe around 20-30 cooldown on the skill and it will be fine Anyone got other suggestion to it post them please https://imgur.com/a/pREk3QT
  3. Hey time to talk a bit about the two magic classes ingame. With hydra weapons on the way out of pvp i feel the two magic classes just gonna end up like body and lycan useless. 1. Shaman will be shit then unless they make magic penetration on the new pvp weapons there is coming same counts on sura. 2. Even with hydra weapons gone the best classes still gonna be dagger ninja, mental warrior and weapon sura? 3. We need some way to counter some of all the magic res but don't put a stone ingame since then you are buffing ninja even more Final conclusion just buff Shaman and Magic sura dmg not hit dmg but skill dmg. Please come with opinions
  4. 1. I feel the pvp system at high level is not made for 1v1 or even openpvp it's just straight up useless having to swap eq 24/7 special in opvp 2. What need to change is Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet. How can your guys change that, start by making it half human def and half human damage instead of race/class special. 3. How i would do it = Garnet Bracelet: 15% attack speed 15% crit 10% half human defence (could also change half human defence out here with crit defence) Garnet Necklace: 20 casting 10 dex 10 half human damage Garnet Earrings 14 dex 1650 hp 5 or 10 half human damage So every class/race have their set. Ruby = Warrior Emerald = Sura Sapphire = Shaman Garnet = Ninja Tourmaline = Lycan Then the last thing there could improve opvp even more would be is fixing the pet system Instead of having race/class resistance 12% Warrior Res 12% Lycan Res 10 half human damage 12% Shaman Res this would become = 12% Ninja 10 half human defence 12% Sura That way opvp is already more balanced and a lot more fun not having to switch eq 24/7
  5. Kleenex

    PvP System

    +1 I find it stupid that, we need 10 eq when we basicly just need 1 set. Example would be garnet for ninja instead of making it strong against class, make it against HH neck and with the bracelet make it against hh def then make earrings give hh instead of sapphire being skill it's pointless having the official system on here.
  6. I think you misunderstood low pvp, the reason low pvp is non existen has nothing to do with high level i did not say a lvl 55 or 75 should be able to beat a 120 but i did say low pvp could use a nation war for only them and a pvp tournament
  7. Nickname: Kleenex Suggestion: Start focus on low pvp i feel, there could be a lot more players doing low pvp. All low pvp needs is pvp belt, nation war and tournament. What you think will help the server?: Bring more pvp to the server, everything does not have to be around high level. Low pvp can be ton of fun too special nation wars, and i know that people would play low pvp, if there where a purpose to do it but atm there isn't one.
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