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  1. Kawaii

    Summer event 2019

    Working ? but ty for the advice :3
  2. Kawaii

    Summer event 2019

    How can i check when sv if off? xD
  3. Kawaii

    Summer event 2019

    Make that costume transmutables so we can get them "perma"
  5. Area of Pickup Increase the area of Pickup
  6. First of all, i played since the opening date and i think some things need to be change... Shop Search From my POV is kinda annoying and just a pain in the ass you need to go on every kingdom/channel just to find the item you need, idk if is easy for you guys to put the shop search globally or not but will be a great improvement. Shortcut for Buying Will be great if we get any shortcut when we try to bet a big amount of one item (Draconis, Enchant Costume, etc...) Arranging Items This button.... ok it helps but... I think will be better if we have a button for stack the items and one for short the items by the id or alphabetical Use for Young Dragon Claw/Heart and for SoulStones This is items that everyone have a good amount of them, the drop rate is stupid and is really hard to sell them so will be good if we get any use for this after we get or passive/active skills, for example 50 Young turn to 1 Wild and the SoulStones... idk if u guys will put the Boost/Counter Passive skills but will be great if we get something like 25/30 SoulStones for one SoulStone for Boost/Ward or if you not will put that feature you can add something like 400/500 SoulStones on the crafting of some item (Belts/Lvl90 PVP EQ) just for give some use to them Bigger Stacks Well i think i dont need to explain this one xD Upp Items (Annoying) This for me is kinda stupid... Just annoying will be better if u take the money that cost the upp items for example (2 shirikens is 2.5kk) so you put that Upgrade cost at 2.5kk and take the all Upp items from the game, i mean for me is annoying since is easy to get them by going on the blacksmith, oh and put the items at the begging cost or higher i mean... is easy to get 10kk jsut farm 10/20 metins is not hard Skill Books Different Colors for the skill books so will be easy to identify for what race and class the book is. Guild Rewards Ok this one can be kinda "NewSchool" but leveling a guild is not enjoyable... I mean is just a number is you give a good look so will be great if we get some bonus by doing it, something like level 5 ( 5 Monters), level 10 ( 5 Metins), level 15 (5 Bosses), level 20 (5 Half-Humans) i mean this is a hard system i think but will be a great one BlackSmith Store Add more trades like (BlackSmith HandBook and Dragon Scroll) for a lower amount of Blessing Scrolls Zen Bean Increase the amount of karma that gives for 1000 since is easy to get them or lower the chance of them on the Training Chest Low LvL Power Farm Take stones+3/+4 from lvl 35- metins because is easy to get 150/200kk on one hour with a lvl 18 character on map 1.... Titan Shield Since i dont see it on wiki or ingame i think we need a PvW shield Metins The main problem is not the amount of them but the amount of metin spots, because if you will increase the amount every patch that will be more and more metins on just one spot and the lag for low specs pcs will be kinda annoying, i think is not hard to program various spots of metin spawns and not just a big one.. Trading Yang Be able to put "kk" after the numbers so will be easier to negotiate higher amounts of yang This is some of my ideas use them or transform them by your eyes if u want, just to share my opinion about some things
  7. Kawaii


    Heyo everyone ^^ Name: Kawaii | Lucifer Age: 20 Location: Behind u all Contact adress: Kawaii #3683 What is your favorite game?: Metin2 | LoL You like this server?: If I say no, I get ban xD jk jk, I'm enjoying it Describe yourself: Little hardcore player 24/7 metins xD How did you find out about us?: DeepWeb
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