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  1. Pro. Un mesaj offline ii okey, il poti pune cand lasi caracterul afk. Totusi mesaje offline sunt necesare. Sunt multe persoane ce cauta pe shop si pot trimite doar un mesaj pe care vanzatorul o sa-l vada cand ii online si poate raspunde.
  2. Then " KEBAB" it's just a food name, right? xD Here on O2 you will get mute for " Gipsy " and " Kebab " too. So i don't see the point for this post. Peace.
  3. Send msg to a GA,GM,CM is exacly the same, 80% of the times you send us to vyper or serant , first the staff needs to be professinal and separate the in game problems, be friendly and act properly even with the in game caracter. Also +1 for jMzz. The server it's a little bit boring atm, nothing to do with guilds, the pvp on farm maps it's shit. I don't see the point to fight 2-3h just for a metin spot or 15 min respawn bosses xD Also that's not Origins server 1 or O2 with 500-1k ppl online anymore, with events just for 500 ppl. The server it's on top atm, they need to undersand that and start to change the server a littlebit. To see what ppl want if they want to keep IT/PT/TR/GER or other comunities on this server. When we start with the Guild here, was rlly fun for us to fight, to farm and to evolve. But in time we start to talk with Origins2 Staff, to fight for no reason, to see toxiciticity in this comunnity and we realize that being toxic and disrespectfull here is considered a gameplay. There's no motivation for big guilds, no events for guild or farm with them. ( dont even mention this 7v7 joke pvp tournament that makes u separate the guild, to make different teams and create problems between guild members because they cant participate, or they have to fight against each other). Bassicaly the server concurages individual gameplay. That's the reason why ppl bring everyone into the guilds cause if they leave they just joina nother next day, thats why they don't care about fights. Bcs you can't do nothing in a guild, just to be a number in a fight for a metinspot or for a beta boss. ._. And that's bad in my opinion. Also to farm World-Bosses with PvP account for me it's funny xD There's no Regen HP, if a guy hit your boss for "2 times", he will get 100% drop, that's bad xD I want to be motivated, to enter and start to do things with my guild, to have fun together, to have a reason to fight, this new bosses to me is sending sand to our eyes, since we have been asking for more PVP content and things, when the reality is that in 1 week or 2 no one care about those bosses anymore. you need to think about updates in long therm not like this. I think the server admins need to focus on that, they need bring some changes for this server. Bcs there's a lot of servers new who try to bring players and Origins2 it's just fun for a short time, not to play for a long time here. Nothing against Origins2, it's a rlly nice server, but there's things to fix all the time. And i hope you will do that until it's to late. Greetings, KyzeN / Femme ♕
  4. Ceva interesant, deja se fac modificari pe server. Gg Un event 7v7, da' despre un World-Boss la care sa mergi cu breasla? Sa fie joc in echipa, sa se faca split pe el, sa se organizeze breslele? Asta ar motiva unele bresle sa se bata pentru ceva, nu pentru spot-uri de farm.
  5. KyzeN

    Set Items Price

    Gresit. Niciodata nu tre' sa uiti de unde ai plecat. Pastreaza tot in inventar ca sa te mandresti unde ai ajuns. Jk Pro !
  6. KyzeN

    Comandant v4

    Propun protectie la : Yonghan, protectie la metine, protectie in toate mapele ( map1-2 ), protectie la batai generale, protectie la evenimentele PvP Despre ce tot plangeti? Lasa jocul asa cum este, toti am fost batuti la yonghan si nimeni nu s-a plans. La Yonghan mergi doar 2 minute odata la 30, in rest poti sta pe farm in alte zone. De ce tre' sa va plangeti cand yang-ul se face asa usor pe server? Eu unul joc de 2-3 luni si niciodata n-am propus sa se bage protectie undeva. Ati uitat ca joc-ul asta e si PvP si nu doar pvm. Chestia asta cu " am fost batut acolo " pe unii ii motiveaza sa isi inceapa PvP-ul. Vrei sa ajungi sa-ti pui piatra war pe manie si sa te bati cu pvm-urile? Cplm.
  7. KyzeN


    Si daca revine Hp-ul, persoanele tot din 2 hit-uri o sa prinda drop. Regen HP ca sa poti da reset la drop
  8. Pro. Propun sa nu intre toti ' limbricii ' cu 10 abonati, ce promoveaza aia? N-au calitate, content si nimic. Doar profita de niste beneficii kekw. Trimit live-ul pe discord, 20 pe live pana iau partenership si dupa 3 luni stau cu 2 spec. Despre ce vorbim? Sunt persoane ce instiga la hate, injura si se cred ' zmei ' pentru ca au o protectie de cacat. N-aveti in reguli ce tre' sa faca un partener? Sa nu instige la hate, sa joace si sa promoveze serverul. Odata ce tu injuri un regat / o breasla ( Red,Yellow,Blue ) nu-i normal ca aia sa te bata? Mi se pare o prostie sistemul de partenership. S-au facut post-uri in prostie si nimic nu s-a rezolvat. Peace
  9. KyzeN


    Pro. Nu mi se pare normal sa stai pe cal intr-o generala. As atasa si un gif postat de Femme cand dadea 10k+ in playerii de la yellow.. As propune sa fie bataie la sol, chiar daca se calca peste cadavre da' macar sa nu se foloseasca si caii pentru ca uneori sunt fecale peste cadavrele celor de la yellow, mi se pare lipsa de respect.. Peace
  10. Nu-mi merge bobu' in taram, help pls
  11. Pro. Din punctul meu de vedere trebuie mutat din acel loc. N-are rost sa se implementeze o protectie PvP c-o sa stea persoanele la hunt pentru Lemures.
  12. Very useful, mate. You deserve a medal for that. Good job.
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