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  1. Hello dear community, Bellow we made a tutorial and a short video where we show you how to recover your password if you have Yahoo Mail. Step 1: Join our website: https://www.origins2.global/ Step 2: Look in the left side to User Panel and find 'Forgot Your Password?' User name -> complete your Account ID. E-mail address -> complete with your E-Mail Address. Press on the button 'Account recovery' Step 3: After you press the 'Account recovery' you will be redirected on yahoo mail page. Login to your e-mail address (with ID and PASSWORD) After you login, press Agree. Step 4: After you login on Yahoo Mail, you will be redirected on Origins2 website, and you can see the new password. And below, we made a video tutorial to see exactly how you can reset your password.
  2. Winners Warrior: cTg Sura: xNate Ninja: Abecedar Saman: [CM]Blue Lycan: UnderTaker
  3.   Best regards, Origins2 Team.
  4. Winners Abecedar - Ninja vIpAk47 - Warrior RbZ - Lycan [CM]Blue - Shaman Luks - Sura
  5. Dear community, we are immensely grateful for your support and feedback. We want to start giving back to you and what better way to do so than a giveaway? If you want to take part of it visit our Facebook or Instagram page and share & like our last post and also follow the page. https://www.facebook.com/Mt2origins https://www.instagram.com/metin2origins/ The first winner will receive : 100 coins The second winner receive : 50 coins The third winner will receive : 25 coins
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