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    Patch Notes 22.06.2022 -we changed the Origins Stones event and Golden Frogs event with new events on Wednesday and Sunday: Okey card event and Jigsaw event; -we added the metin stones scale system; -we added a new feature, from now you can see at any dungeon from F6 the minimum damage needed to kill the final leader; -we decreased the waiting time needed to use restart city from ~~7s~~ to 4s and restart here from ~~10s~~ to 7s; -we solved a problem with rings from wheel of destiny, now you can use them to craft Elemental Ring; -we added an option to turn off the stones effects; -from now on, the test dungeon function will be displayed separately from normal dungeon entry; -from now on, the quests will be in order at all NPCs: Dungeon entry, re-enter in dungeon, test dungeon and crafting; -from now on you will be able to have Max. HP on armors if you change bonuses after you evolve them; -we have added more items on the portable shop from O key; -we increased the hitbox from stones and leaders; -In the following days we will add back the global search-shop and the random position for items in search-shop; Info about new events from wednesday and sunday: https://wiki2.origins2.global/index.php?title=Okey_Card https://wiki2.origins2.global/index.php?title=Jigsaw Best Regards, O2 Team
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