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〝 Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm 〞

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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    mama nr1 va iubesc doamne doamne
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    Character Name: Robert Picture:
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    Buna treaba , ai ales aia cu metinele din ruina/anubis , ca multi ziceau ca asta e pokemon cu vreo 1mili dmg in metine :)))
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    Duamne frumos rau patchul asta va ubesc
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    Numele caracterului: Ch3loo Imagine:
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    » General Informations « The rules are adjusted periodically, we reserve the right to change the rules at any time, each player has to read the new rules. Major changes in rules are announced on both the discord server and in the game. Please keep in mind that using the Origins2 platforms you agree to the Community Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. » General Behavior « The official language used on the server is English. Please keep in mind that you must keep decent and civilized behavior. Vulgar, offensive, racist language is forbidden and will be sanctioned. Basic offense (basic insults), you can get from 1-hour block chat to a permanent ban. Casual offense (normal insults), you can get from 4 hours block chat to permanent ban. Serious offense (spamming insults, offend family member, etc.), you can get from 6 hours block chat to permanent ban. Racist offense (offending groups, religions, countries, etc.), you can get from 12 hours block chat to permanent ban. Staff offense, you can get 24 hours block chat to a permanent ban. Offenses of any kind are not allowed (including abbreviations, subtle ways to address offensive words, and more). Any type of slander, mention of private information (name, address, telephone number, etc.) will be sanctioned » Names of Characters « Your character's name must not be players-offensive, racist, extremist. Do NOT use characters with names that contain "CM", "GM", "TM", "GA", "SA" or any kind of staff abbreviation. Do NOT use the same name with a STAFF member. EXCEPTION! For a staff member who play on server, and wants to play with same name. This is forbidden regardless of the reason for creating this character. Players who will use such names or claim to be part of the Game Team will be banned without being warned. Kryptonic / troll names, example: LLlIiLlIL, jJiJklJiljIlj, etc.. » External Trading « All trades between servers needs to be made with help from a middleman from our server! Items on Origins2 for real money (€, $, TL, Paysafe, PayPal, Bitcoins, etc.) are forbidden, and you can get PERMANENT BAN on all accounts. Items on Origins2 for items from other servers, you can get a temporary ban, but at the 2nd deviation, you can get a permanent ban on all accounts. Items on Origins2 for other games (cs:go, lol, steam, fortnite, etc.) you can get a permanent ban on all accounts. Real Money for items on Origins2, you are forbidden to buy and you can get PERMANENT BAN on all accounts. You can check here for other informations. » Internal Trading « Players can trade between them only with a help of an intermediary from Origins2. You need to call an intermediary just for big trades (just one guy gives you more items, yang, etc). If you buy some items, costumes with a large price you can make this trade without an intermediary. Or if you change more items to other items, you can make them without an intermediary. » Bug Abuses « Exploiting a bug to your advantage is strictly forbidden and is sanctioned depending on the situation. If you fund a bug, you need to report it to any staff members. » Cheating & Macro « Any attempt to cheat is forbidden and you will be sanctioned with PERMANENT BAN on all accounts. Any program that offers you certain advantages that you cannot get correctly, is considered a hack, and you will be sanctioned as such. If a staff member considers that you are cheating, he has the right to ask you to share the screen on discord and anydesk or team viewer to make a control in your PC. If you get a record time with a big difference at a certain dungeon, the staff member can check you, and you need to make it again, the same time. If you farm / level with pickup / pull macro on, you have to be able to respond to a team member within 2 minutes. Players that level / farm AFK with the use of macro will get punished with a 3-day temporary ban, followed by a permanent ban. If you just use your space bar to hit without any other macros (pull / pickup) you will not be punished. » Accounts « We do not deal with the recovery of broken accounts. Each player is responsible for his account, the administrators will not be involved in these cases. Most broken accounts are either sold or borrowed, the server is not a security issue, login data is impossible for anyone to find out. For good protection, you need to activate Two Factor Authentification. Put a real e-mail, if you don't have access to e-mail, your account it's lost. Only in certain cases do staff members help you recover lost accounts or items. » Streaming Protection « Any streamer who is in a partnership with Origins2 in live streaming time is forbidden to be killed. Streamers who have partnerships with Origins2 have a special costume (but they are not obliged to wear it). It is necessary to warn you with the live link, and if he continues to be killed, a staff member will intervene. Streamers needs to have a proof and the player will be able to sanction. EXCEPTION! If the streamer kills you first in live streaming time, the rules won't apply. EXCEPTION! If the streamer kills you in as long as no live streaming, and after 2 hours, the streamer opens live streaming, u cant kill him/her on the live streaming periodically. » Advertise « It is strictly forbidden to promote another server, and you can get a permanent ban. You are not allowed to promote another community's, platforms, etc. If you promote your live stream and you play other games or other Metin2 Server, you can be sanctioned. » Other rules « Is forbidden to kill players in time of jigsaw event, you can get a temporary ban. You are not allowed to open a shop when your name contains only numbers. EXAMPLE! 4000, 2300, 9999, 5000, 100, 230, etc. You are not allowed to block any NPCs! Impersonating a player and trolling or requesting for money/items from other players is forbidden and sanctionable with permanent ban. The distribution of links / pictures / video / files with pornographic content is not allowed, and you can get permanent ban. Characters between levels 1 - 120 who use auto-attack on other players with the p urpose of annoying / tangling them will be sanctionated with temporary ban. Threats to the real life of the players or any member of the staff are sanctioned by the temporary ban. Falsifying evidence can lead to BAN in extreme cases. Handling the victim by adding malware programs or any other malicious program to your computer is forbidden. Advertisement of other servers is strictly forbidden, is punished with permanent ban. Unfair accusations and offenses against staff lead to permanent ban. You are not allowed to put in a middle of a fight accounts with levels between 1 - 14, you can get a temporary ban.
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    Dear community, Thank you all for participating on this contest! The winners are: 1st place: @india11 you won 100 euros (real money) ~ the reason we decided for you to win is because you put a lot of effort and involvement into this contest, and the picture you competed with, shows this! 2nd place: @RogerBob you won 500 coins ~ you won 2nd place because you worked to do such a nice thing, we know here is a lot of effort too and involvement! 3rd place: @Robert you won 300 coins ~ even if what you competed with is not made by you, we appreciate your involvement and that's why we decided that you to win the 3rd place. Congratulations!! Best Regards, O2 Team
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    Numele caracterului: Elyon Imagine: https://imgur.com/a/bH6xrRD
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    Nume: LegendN1 Nivel: 120 Rasa: War
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    Nume: Ajakua Nivel: 120 Rasa: War
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    Nume: Ciprian Nivel: 120 Rasa: Razboinic RETRAS !!!!!
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    Nome do personagem: 2moreDMg Imagem: Imagem:
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    Character Name : CupC4ke Picture: http://prntscr.com/1eredwt
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    Numele caracterului: Dodoo Imagine: https://imgur.com/a/3stxhmw
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    Foarte frumos ! La multi ani O2 !
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    Numele caracterului: AidenFNT Imagine: https://imgur.com/AaeaI6E
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    Numele caracterului: KnlsPit Imagine: Programe folosite: Photoshop, Cinema 4D
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    Super fain, felicitari
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    sa mai spuna cineva ca nu se iau in considerare sugestiile . hai noroi
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    Nu sunt de acord cu update-ul legat de costumul aura, care spune ca poate fi purtat de la nivelul 105, deoarece sunt multi playeri care si-au facut conturi full de pvm/pvp la lvl mic (55-80), iar costumul aura era era un item care sa faca diferenta (la dojanguri, la recordurile temnitelor de lvl mic). Prin update-ul asta sunt fortati sa renunte la lvl mic. Nu vad cu ce ar incurca faptul ca se poate purta costumul aura de la orice lvl.
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    [Update 15.09.2020] [UPDATE] 2. Buying items/yang on Origins can be only done with items/yang on other servers and only with the help of one of the server middleman. Trades made without middleman are prohibited and can be sanctioned with permanent ban. Buying items/yang with real currency, etc is strictly forbidden.
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