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  4. Nume: Witchu Rasa: Ninja
  5. Nume: sonoVendetta Rasa: Sura
  6. Nume: Blue Rasă: Șaman
  7. Nume: Yamako Rasa: Sura
  8. se pare ca ne mutam pe aura iar :)))
  9. Patch Notes 28.11.2022 New Feature > - we added a new feature available only with the Origins Subscription named Auto-Hunting system which can be accessed by pressing the "J" key: -the newest Auto-Hunting system will help you level up characters much more comfortably; (with the new system you can set the character to automatically attack monsters, revive you, use skills, bravery cape, and special potions at the desired time interval) Warning! You will not be able to attack metin stones using the Auto-Hunting system, and while it is active, your character will not be able to collect objects or yang. System preview: General changes: > - we increased the basic Attack Value for almost all Serpent Weapons at +15 (daggers were not changed) > - we added Energy Fragments at Jotun's drop from dungeon and from leaders scroll; > - we changed the crafting for Shadow Ring; > - we removed the Nordic Parchment from the Serpent Treasure drop; > - we updated the mini-map respawn time information for certain maps; > - we lowered very slightly the PvM balance bonus for Mental-Fight Warrior; PvP 7vs7 event changes: > - we set a maximum time limit for each fight of 45 minutes (if you can't make 50 points within 45 minutes, the battle is over and the team with the most points wins) > - we reduced the regeneration of the Red Elixir in the 7vs7 arena; > - we blocked the red potions from General Store in the 7vs7 arena; > - we blocked the skills coloring system in the 7vs7 arena; > - when you enter in the 7vs7 arena all your buffs will be removed; Best Regards, O2 Team
  10. Numele participantilor: RegeleZephys PaC0sTeA Denumire echipa: UrsiPirania Rase: Lycan/Sura
  11. Numele participantilor: Magnetiq Witchu Denumire echipa: kendama Rase: sura ninja
  12. Numele participantilor: Amnezia & DTN Denumire echipa: Phoenix Rase: Ninja & Sura
  13. Numele participantilor: Ronaldoo, xStylex Denumire echipa: Purceii Rase: Sura & Ninja
  14. Numele participantilor: sonoVendetta & iiSeven Denumire echipa: TeamBRO Rase: Sura & Ninja
  15. Nume participanți: Blue & JH Denumire echipa: Banshee Rasa: Shaman & Ninja
  16. Numele participantilor: Noathum & Skroth Denumire echipa: TeamStandUp Rase: Ninja & Sura
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