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  4. Patch Notes 04.08.2022 -from now on, if you have equipped the Will Talisman+20 you will have a special effect; -from now on, searching for items in the search-shop will be much easier as only the names of used items on the server will be suggested; -from now on, when you buy Experience rings from Blacksmith and you have a ring with more time then needed, it will only take the necessary time from it in exchange for a new ring; -from now on, the last character you were connected to will be saved and will be the first in the characters list; -from now on, if you enter the wrong 2FA code, it will no longer delete your login data; -we solved a problem with long messages in PM; -we solved a visual problem with Evil skins; -we solved a visual problem with Nirvana mount;
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  6. Nume: RegeleZephys Rasa: Lycan
  7. Nume: PaC0sTeA Rasa: Warrior
  8. Name: xExtazuPVP Class: Ninja archer
  9. Name : KEKEE - Class : ninja dagger
  10. Name: itSmee Class: ninja dagger
  11. Name: Arrogance Class: ninja dagger
  12. Name : saudejavrele Class : ninja dagger
  13. Thank you for update !
  14. Name: Hazzard Class: Warrior Mental
  15. Name : ImChapo Class : Sura weaponary
  16. CMB

    Advanced PvP event [King]

    Name: zCMB Class: Warrior Mental
  17. Very nice. I love it
  18. Name : zEQUINOX Class : Shaman Bell
  19. Nume: DumnezeuPvP Rasa: lycan
  20. Patch Notes 27.07.2022 -from now on you can hide the dungeons that you don't want to see anymore on Dungeons List (F6); -from now on the Auto Pickup will automatically collect yang too; -from now on when you want to throw an object, the item will be dropped with your name on it and only you can collect it; -the hairstyle from the next Battle Passes will be updated, from now on it will have the following bonuses: +15% strong against monsters, +10% strong against stones; -we added the Pirates Potion on Summer NPC in exchange for 350 Coca Cola Cans; -we added a new item at Moonlight chest drop, that will give you the following bonus: +10% strong against monsters for 2 hours (time runs only when the item is equipped); -we slightly improved the drop from the Serpent Treasure; -from now on you can use fast search-shop function on items from your shop; -we increased the drop chance of Jigsaw Pendant; -from now on you will not lose anymore items when you are killed while you have negative rank; -we added the Enchant Item Chest at General Store; -we added the Lucky Medal (increase yang drop chance) on item-shop; -we added a new mount skin on the item-shop; -we solved a problem with the delete function; -we solved a problem with the M1 Leadership skills; -we solved a problem with skills selection; -we solved a problem with the quick costumes change in order to attack faster; -we solved a text issue on dungeons list; little_patch2.mp4
  21. Name : delenos Class : ninja dagger
  22. Name : Vedeta Class : ninja dagger
  23. Patch Notes 22.07.2022 -Feedback system We would like to introduce you the new feedback system, as you know your opinion matters and from now on you can rate the conversation with a staff member based on the answer you received. If you are happy with the provided support (or not) don't hesitate to leave a short rating at the end of conversation, this will firstly help us to see if you are happy with the provided support and also it will help our members in their journey, so we kindly ask you to support them with rating after they offered you the needed support! However, if there is anyone who thinks they can use this system to troll, we should inform you from now on that you can be punished if you try to use it in a negative way. Our team will always try to improve and give you the best support they can, so a feedback in return from you would be great! -Rewards of Fighters 2.0 We have added again the rewards of fighters system, with new missions! You can check the new missions in game. -we fixed a problem with the friends list; -we fixed a problem with the referral bonus, the bonus received was too strong;
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