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  3. Yamimakay


    Hello, my request is related to transmutation in general, I would like all the traditional weapons, (lvl1-lvl65) and apart from this to have the option to be able to make use of hairstyles of one race in a different one (For example, use a ninja hairstyle in a warrior), that kind of thing would give each player an original touch and not always see the same warrior prototype, etc., a greeting = D.
  4. Sonia


    Nu faci update, nu e piata, nu e bine. Faci update, tot nu e bine. Schimbarile raman. #closed
  5. Run-urile momentan raman aceleasi, se vor adauga altele pe viitor cand va fi nevoie. Niciodata nu se va implementa un dungeon in care sa iti pice armuri +9 pentru a devaloriza piata, alte runuri existente sau playerii care nu au o breasla mare. Ai nevoie de un upgrade, faci run-urile puse la dispozitie. #closed
  6. Sonia


    There already are perma costumes, weapon skins and hairstyles. Not everything was decided to be permanent. Best regards, [GA]Sonia
  7. Mereu alături de mine.
  8. Your nickname: Complique Suggestion: I suggest to add a changing name thing, like a ring or something. What you think will help the server?: Many players make an account level 105, biolog, etc and then they wanna sell it. So as long as many accounts are sold and bought kinda everyday I suggest to add this thing so they can change the name they wish so. I don't think they really like to play on an account that's not with his/her properly name. It can be on site, or dropable in game, it doesn't really matter as long as it is added to game.
  9. Your nickname:xDante Suggestion: Sa se adauge un run foarte greu de breasla de nivel minim 105. M-am gandit la un run foarte greu care sa poti si scoate profit din el. La acest run sa intri de la npc-ul unde e dt si sa se intra la el la fel ca si la dt, bati un metin deoarece nu poti face grupa cu 15 playeri. La acest run sa ai nevoie de 3 sura 3ninja 3 war 3 samani 3 lycani, dc? Ca la fiecare etaj sa treci mai sus cu alt cont si sa ai nev de cate 3 caractere din fiecare rasa, alt fel sa nu te lase sa treci la alt etaj. La fiecare etaj sa fie ca la nemere sau razador si Bosii sa aibe de la 5.000.000 hp si la fiecare etaj sa creasca cate 5, de ex la etajul 3 sa ai 10.000.000 pv si tot asa.Si sa nu se regenereze pv ul lor. La fiecare boss sa fie drop normal, panze cor, cufar lider etc, iar la ultimul bos sa fie acest drop (in paranteza pun sansa % de drop): - o armura de 105 +9(30% sansa, daca esti ninja sa iti pice de ninja daca esti saman sa iti pice de samant etc.) -200 cor(50%), 200 panze(50%), 50 cufar lider 3(50%), 50 schimba talisman(50%), 5 Cufar vrajeste obiectul(50%) -up uri din beta razador nemere dragon(50%), -200 cristal rafinament(50%),200 Planta fermecata(50%) -Inel semi-luna(40%) -Inelul bucuriei(40%) -scut titan,qilini,coif de 60(50%), -niste cotume, freze si skin cu o durata de 7 zile(50%, pt fiecare sa pica cate un cufar poate vrei sa le vinzi nu sa le folosesti) -glob de transformare salbatic devotat sau paianjen(50%, si sa se faca o protectie in care daca dai intr-un player transformat sa nu dai dmg si sa te detransforme) -si o piatra curcubeu cu drop de 30%, si sa nu fie drop fix Inafara de piatra curcubeu. De ex: Toti care dau in bos au sansa de a primi cor, pamze,.cristale etc, nu doar 1. Si cand treci cu un cont la un etaj sa iti dea in inventar un tichet, care sa nu fie negociabil.Si cand faci 10 tichete sa iti intre in cont 100 md uri. Si aceat run sa il poti face o data la 7 zile. Dar dupa ce ai trecut cu acel cont la un etaj sa inceapa numaratoarea inversa. What you think will help the server?:Astept pareri, si imbunatatiri la run.
  10. PRO ca mereu trb sa scriu de 15 ori cand se teleporteaza cineva :))
  11. Hi, Why you don' t add a permanent mount pet and ring? You can create a crafter and he make it permanent with 1 mount with time and somthing more items. Becous i don' t have mutch time each day for play and i lost a lot of time of this temporally items for nothing..
  12. Kizu

    [King] Event PvP 1vs1

    Nume:Kazen Nivel:105 Rasa: Ninja
  13. Your feedback is important to us, that is why we created this pool so each and everyone of you can express your opinion.
  14. RegeleSham

    Why ?

    I have a question, why are you doing this gameplay harder and harder and harder to play, and by "harder" i'm complaining about farming, i'm complaining about crashes, about login fail, about lag, about damages in pvp, about 40+ people in staff and if you ask 10 different staff members about a problem u get like...10 different answers, why ??? Let's talk about the dmg: - warrior does 6k dmg on full 1 v 1 set (double as much as any other character) - shaman does 1k damage - sura BM takes literaly under 1k dmg with the protection - block chance is 75%, do u know what that means ? Let me explain, if u hit 10-12 hits, you do damage on 2 of them Let's talk about shops: - you can't find everything in shop - you can't search for a specific item or something because it says it dosen't exist - you can't search for alchemy if it is +1 or above ( it shos just +0 alchemy) so...you have to go adn search 9475858934 pages to find what you look for Let's talk about farming and....oh yea...just farming: - you say that if you introduce permanent dew because the flowers will be useless = WRONG !!! I'm done with complaining, let me give you some free advices: - permanent dew = 5k flowers + 4 nemere stone + 4 razador stone - permanent rafinaments = 1k rafinement crystals - pvp ring(1) (for 5 days) - 1k hp / 10% hh = 1k flowers + 500 origins tikets - pvp ring(2) (for 5 days) - 5% average damage rezistance / 5% skill damage rezistance = 1k energy fragment + 500 cor draconis - pvp ring(3) (for 5 days) - 5% skill damage / 5% average damage = 500 rafimament crystal + 500 clams + 100 lotus flowers
  15. QwerT

    [King] Event PvP 1vs1

    Nume: Lemn Nivel: 105 Rasa: Sura 
  16. Last week
  17. Reclamatie inutila. Conversatiile postate partial nu se iau in considerare. T/C
  18. https://imgur.com/DSImGB8 vreau sa se intample ceva cu acest individ extrem de vulgar, multumesc.
  19. Yes But this is a possibility, other characters fix 7-9K but Assassin MAX. 5K this damage is Low. and %50 Poison Change Really. I think Toxic cloud %100 Poison Change and DMG Buff should be tried it All Skill Lows, Archer better DMG, PM = FruitNinja
  20. automat ca nu am stat sa fac ps cand mi-a spus ca nu stie cum se numeste, asta ar fi cea mai mica problema! cu cheile alea cum sta treaba? cine mi le da inapoi pana la urma?
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