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[NEW] Origins Membership subscription


Dear Community,

Origins2 Global introduces a new concept called Origins Membership!

Origins Membership is a monthly subscription and by purchasing it you will benefit from certain bonuses, thanks to which you will have an easier evolution.

Throughout the duration of the subscription you can benefit from the following advantages:
> 🆕 - we added a new feature available only with the Origins Subscription named Auto-Hunting system which can be accessed by pressing the "J" key:
-the newest Auto-Hunting system will help you level up characters much more comfortably;
(with the new system you can set the character to automatically attack monsters, revive you, use skills, bravery cape, and special potions at the desired time interval)
📢 Warning! You will not be able to attack metin stones using the Auto-Hunting system, and while it is active, your character will not be able to collect objects or yang.

🔹 Bonuses strong against monsters +5%, strong against metins +5%, strong against leaders +5% active on all characters from your account;
> 🔹 Unlimited 10% discount on all items from the item shop purchased through the reduced price option;
> 🔹 Bonus +5% coins for each purchase made available for Paysafe/Credit Card/Sofort.
*(Current offer is not cumulative with other future offers, priority is given to the highest offer available at the time)*
> 🔹 Special items available on the item-shop only for players with an active subscription (purchase limit 2 pcs/item);
> 🔹 5 minutes bonus on the 'Wheel of Destiny' event only available for level 3;
> 🔹 Special items on the 'Auction' event only for players with an active subscription.


Origins Membership can be purchased for only 10€ /month or you can benefit from our discount if you want to purchase it for more than 1 month:

> 🔸 Origins Membership available for 1 month: 10€
> 🔸 Origins Membership available for 3 months: 30€ -> 28€
> 🔸 Origins Membership available for 6 months: 60€ -> 55€


Purchase your Origins Membership now and enjoy the best benefits!
Buy now: https://www.origins2.global/ishop/subscription/



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